Monday, 19 November 2007

Using EndNote with word processors other than Microsoft Word

The EndNote Cite-While-You-Write toolbar is only available to use in Microsoft Word, however you can use EndNote with other word processors (e.g. Open Office) as long as they can save files in Rich Text Format (RTF).

Inserting references from EndNote

  • Highlight the reference in EndNote that you want to use. From the Edit menu choose Copy.
  • Place the cursor in your document where you want to insert the reference and use the Paste option in your word processor to insert the reference.
  • Your reference will appear in a temporary citation format e.g. {Bennett, 2002}

Note: If you have EndNote and your word processor visible on screen at the same time you can drag the reference across.

Formatting the document

  • Once you have finished the document save it in a Rich Text Format (RTF).
  • Close the file.
  • In EndNote go to Tools > Format Paper > Format Paper...
  • Find the file that you have saved and select Open.
  • A message will tell you how many citations have been matched.
  • Under Output Style select the style you wish to use.
  • Click on Format.
  • A new version of your document will be created for you to save.
  • Open the new document in your word processor.

Note: If you want to make any changes to the document you will need to make them in the original version and then reformat the document in EndNote.

You can also use this feature with EndNote Web, however you will have to type the temporary citations into the Word document manually, rather than copying them across. Use the Format Paper option under the Format tab in EndNote Web to format the list of references.

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