Thursday, 9 October 2008

Exporting references from a specific EndNote group

If you want to send the references in one of your EndNote groups to another EndNote user so that they can add them to their library, simply follow the steps below:

Exporting references from the first EndNote library

  • In your EndNote library view the group of references that you want to export
  • Make sure that all the references in the group are highlighted (use the Ctrl or Shift key)
  • Go to File > Export...
  • Under Output style select EndNote Export
  • Make sure the Export selected references box is ticked
  • Save the text file in the normal way
Importing references into the second EndNote library

  • In EndNote go to File > Import...
  • Click on Choose File... and select the text file of references to be imported
  • Under Import Option select EndNote Import
  • Click on Import
The references will be added to the EndNote library


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