Thursday, 9 August 2007

Moving references between EndNote Web and EndNote X

Although the Transfer References option is still not available in EndNote X, there is another way to transfer references between the two programs:
  1. Open your EndNote X library.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to change the output style to RefMan (RIS) Export. (You will need to choose Select Another Style to view the full list of available styles.)
  3. Go to File > Export.
  4. Give your file a name and save it in the normal way. (Make sure that it is saving as a text (.txt) file.)
  5. Open your EndNote Web library.
  6. Select Import from the menu on the left of the screen.
  7. Use the Browse button to find the file you have just saved.
  8. Use the drop-down menu to select the import filter RefMan (RIS).
  9. Click on Import.
  10. The references will be put into the Unfiled folder. You can then move them to any other folder within your library.

Note: You can also transfer references from EndNote Web to EndNote X using a similar process. Use the Export option within EndNote Web, choosing the style RefMan (RIS) Export to save the references; then Import the file into EndNote X, using the Import Filter Reference Manager (RIS).

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