Monday, 14 May 2007

Mass editing of references

It is possible to edit a number of references at the same time e.g. if you wanted to add a common keyword to a set of references.

EndNote will perform the ‘Edit’ on all the visible references in your library. If you want to make changes to a limited number of references you will need to search for these:
  • Click on References > Search References
  • Use the search fields to search for the references you want to change. These should now appear in your main EndNote library window (the rest of your references remain ‘hidden’).

  • Click on References > Change and Move Fields
  • Select which field you want to alter using the drop down menu
  • Choose where you want the change to appear e.g. after field’s text if you want to add an extra keyword
  • Type your text in the box to the right, then click on OK.

A message will appear to confirm how many references are going to be altered.

Click on References > Show All References to view your complete library again.

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