Monday, 24 November 2008

When should I use the 'electronic article' reference type?

In EndNote there are reference types for both journal article and electronic article. When you export references into EndNote from the electronic databases they will display as journal articles. This means when you format them in Coventry Harvard Style they will not display a URL for the article, even though you accessed them online and there is a URL in the EndNote record.

These references are not wrong. Most articles available in the electronic databases are simply PDF versions of the printed journal. This means they are an exact copy of the print journal, so it is fine to reference them as a print journal article, without the URL.

Note: There are a small number of journals which are only made available electroncially and these would need to be entered into EndNote as an 'electronic article' in order to display the URL and Access Date fields. Usually these journals will be displayed in html format on their own website and will not have PDFs of the articles available.

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