Monday, 11 August 2008

Changing the reference type for more than one reference at once

If you want to change the reference type for a group of references that are already in your EndNote library (e.g. from journal article to electronic journal article) you can do so in one go without having to open each reference separately.

  • Make sure that only the references you want to change are visible in the main EndNote library window (you may have to search for them first)
  • Highlight the references and then select Edit > Change Text...
  • Using the drop down menu next to In: select Reference Type
  • In the Search for: box type the current reference type e.g. Journal Article
  • In the Change the text to: box type the reference type you want to use e.g. Electronic Article
  • Click on Change
  • A message will appear telling you how many references will be changed. Click on OK to make the change.

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